Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where do you ship the products from?

A1: All the products will be shipped from our Hong Kong warehouse.

Q2: Which logistics company do you use?

A2: We currently ship using Fedex International service by default. We reserves the right to change to another logistics company without prior notice.

Q3: How long does it take to arrive?

A3: In most cases, your order will be shipped in 3 business days. It normally takes around 3-5 days to arrive to your destination. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

Q4: What is the currency shown in the webstore?

A5: The currency is in US Dollars.

Q5: Does the price include VAT/GST/duty?

A6: This price does NOT include VAT/GST/duty. No extra VAT/duty is needed for US addresses. For other countries, similar to purchasing from other Hong Kong webstores, there is a chance that the customs will impose duty/VAT/GST and of course, there is a chance that you wont get taxed either. We will NOT take any responsibility on the extra fees arisen and will NOT accept refund/return of your order.  Please check with the custom department in your country before making a purchase. Please note that we, by default, declared the parcel as $100 (or lower) if there is no special requirement received.

Q7: What about the warranty?

A7: We currently offer 3 years warranty from the time you received the lens. Please keep your receipt and send the repair inquiry to . All lenses purchased from our webstore will have warranty service provided by us directly.

Q8: I am having issues using Paypal checkout. What can I do?

A8: You may send your order to and arrange the payment over to our Paypal account directly. We will update our system internally. Or you can arrange payment via TT remittance.

Q9: I don’t like my lens. Can I return and get a refund/replacement?

A9: Please think carefully before placing the order. We currently can only arrange replacement if there is ANY defective issues found on the lens.  All the sales is final and we do NOT accept any return/refund request.